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Website build

The core of our business is building websites. Whether you want a content management (CMS) driven site or hand-coded, whether just a catalogue site or something a little more technical, we are here to provide these services. With our CMS sites you can decide whether you want to edit your own site through a control panel, or, after a little training, you may want a blog or news section that you update yourself. This can all be done through your private and secure control panel. We leave the choice completely up to you, with nudges where you need them.

We’ll go through every level of the process with you, interacting and garnering the genius within you, and hopefully ending up with the vision you are seeking. If you are a little stuck about the direction you need to go with, we are here to provide some ideas from our vast experience.

All our websites are built to the latest web standards, therefore your site will be desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile friendly, as well as compatible to the major operating systems (OS).

If you already have an online presence and are looking for a spruce up or a complete change, this applies to you as well as new businesses or those companies that just haven’t got around to setting themselves up online yet.

We’ll speak to you in plain simple English that we all understand and leave out the buzzwords and technicality.

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Free email addresses

If you opt to use our web hosting we’ll provide you with up to ten email addresses free of charge. This service will be available as webmail and if you have an email client such as Outlook we can help you configure it to receive emails directly.


Online sales are now massive and expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. The pandemic has accelerated this demand to a new stratosphere! This is a huge opportunity either to boost your physical shop outlet presence or to have an online presence only. Give us your thoughts, what your idea is, we’ll get it set up and online for you.

You may already have a website you are perfectly happy with but need a shop as a bolt-on. That’s not a problem, talk to us.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is very much a skill in its own right. We can provide basic SEO, we’ll build up your meta data but we won’t guarantee you flying up the search engine positions any time soon, be wary about being offered a top three pages position on Google for a new website, this cannot be guaranteed and you may find yourself paying way beyond your budget for an unsuccessful and unsatisfactory position.

Transparency from your website provider is of utmost importance regarding SEO.

If you have an existing website that is already doing well, we’ll transfer the meta data across.

It is strongly advised that if you are a start up and you want to find your way up the search ladder as fast as possible, taking out the Google services would be an option, we can advise and help you with this. Conversely we can suggest and recommend SEO specialists. Both these options will cost you beyond our service to you.

SEO doesn’t come cheap, so be 100% certain you understand what you’re being offered, we’ve heard to many stories of failures to produce on a promise.

Server hosting

Need us to provide you with the server space for your website? No problem, we do this as a package which means we charge a fraction of the costs you could incur with a web server hosting company.

If you find the idea of sourcing your domain name daunting, we can do this for you too.

Site analytics

If the stats for your website are important to you we can bolt on google analytics or serve you the AWStats which come directly from the server, personally we prefer AW to google as it gives far better reports, in our humble opinion… controversial!

Website maintenance

Some of our clients retain us, some prefer to get updates ad hoc. We will, at a reasonable fee update your site to your specifications whenever you decide you need a new page or section.

Backups and updates

We backup our client websites on a regular basis, meaning that if for some reason there are technical issues, we can get you back online quickly and without fuss.

If you choose to have our CMS option, any updates to plugins are automatically updated when available. You will also receive an email informing you of this.

Customer service

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. If you are experiencing a problem, have a query, anything at all to do with your service, please feel free to get in touch with us, we try to respond within 24 hours if email, or you can phone us.

We do not promise you anything we cannot deliver on.

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Hire a developer

You may be a business that needs a developer on a short, mid or even long term contract.

We, at Net Stuffed, understand you may not need a full-time developer. But there may just be that time where you need someone to fill a role, whether it be a quick fix, short, medium or long-term placement. As front end development specialists we are in a position to offer you that geek you need! So, if you are looking for someone in-house, have a chat with us.

Please note: Although front end specialists, we can provide expertise for back end development.