hire a developer

Banging your head against the proverbial desk? Need something fixed quickly? Need someone for a short to long-term project? Despair not and look no further, we’re right here to help you with your woes!

We, at Net Stuffed, understand you may not need a full time developer. But there may just be that time where you need someone to fill a role, whether it be a quick fix, short, medium or long-term. As front end development specialists we are in a position to offer you that geek you need! So, if you are looking for someone in-house, have a chat with us. We do, however, make demands, and you must provide a kettle in your office!

Please note: Although front end specialists, we can provide expertise for back end development, there’s some clever hipsters around these here parts!


…and it may just change the way you do business online.